London, United Kingdom

London-Surrey (LON02) Datacenter

Sirius 2, 122 Oyster Lane
United Kingdom
KT14 7JU

Facility Details:
* 3 x Riello UPS units giving N+1 resilience
* High input power factor 0.99
* Power walk-in function that ensures progressive rectifier start up
* High performance filter, protecting its upstream power supply sources from harmonics
* Monitored by Riello and datacenter in real time
* Monitored continuously, manually checked daily by the datacenter technical team, an automated daily battery test and preventative maintenance carried out by Riello twice a year
* Engine – Perkins 3012 TAG 3A Diesel
* Capacity – 880kVA (Maximum ) 800kVA (Continuous)
* Starting mechanism – fully automated on mains failure including mains sensing Changeover Contactors
* Enclosure – close fit drop over acoustic canopy
* Fuel Consumption – 154.7 Litres per hour @ 100% load
* Fuel Tank – 5,000 Litres
* 12 hour refuelling agreement with the ability to refuel on-the-fly means generator can be run continuously in the event of a prolonged mains outage
* Single power feed to racks standard (Maximum 16Amps with 20Amp breaker)
* High density power feeds to racks available (Maximum 32Amps with 40Amp breaker)
* Dual power feeds (A+B from separate distribution boards and UPS units) available
* Static transfer switches available for dual feed to single power bar
* Standard racks are rated at 4KW / 16Amps per position but high density 8KW / 32Amp racks available upon request
* On-site sub-station with a protected ring feed from the national grid
* Close proximity to local substation step-down transformers means we can upgrade our power to almost any level in the future (though not up to ‘1.21 Jigowatts!’ as one of our geekier engineers asked)
* 6 x Airedale DX CRAC units (N+1 cooling capacity)
* Brand new cold aisle containment system recently installed throughout datafloor to improve air-conditioning efficiencies, increase server cooling capacity and allow for higher density racks
* Current configuration delivers air at 22 degrees centigrade to all cold aisle corridors
* FM-200 gas fire suppression system in both datafloor and UPS room
* 4 x VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) units strategically positioned throughout datafloor
* 158 x ionic and optical smoke detectors strategically placed throughout the datafloor (both above and below the sub-floor plenum)
* Beam smoke detectors strategically placed in loading bay area
* FM-200, VESDA, smoke and beam detectors connected to a Morley (Honeywell) intelligent multi-protocol fire alarm control panel
* Morley Panel linked to RedCare system to automatically call fire brigade if necessary

* 24 x 7 x 365 manned facility
* Full external perimeter colour / low light ‘Pan Tilt & Zoom’ (PTZ) cameras
* Internal infrared cameras covering all doors, entrances and exits
* CCTV footage stored for 91 days
* Movement detectors covering entire external perimeter and connected to an annunciator
* External tannoy system
* Building and car park located in gated compound with fenced perimeter (remotely locked after 6.30pm Mon – Sat and all day Sun)
* Proximity access cards for your nominated staff members are required on all doors leading to and within the datafloor
* Multi-Pass! Our access cards can be pre-programmed to give privileged access to certain areas of the data centre
* Anti-passback on main datafloor door
* Individually locked racks with 3-digit combination code
* Optional caging with key or HID (proximity) locks

London Backbone Carriers
* Telecom Italia
* Cogent
* Global Crossing
* LonAP Peering