The Future Hosting Reseller Program is a non-exclusive program available for qualified participants worldwide. The program allows resellers to offer Future Hosting services as promoted by Future Hosting and exclusive products not sold directly under the Future Hosting name brand. Generally, the reseller program allows discounts on volume purchases and upgrade services. This includes reductions in setup fees and percentage discounts from our normal website pricing. Resellers order online using a customized coupon code. Future Hosting reserves the right to reject reseller applications and discontinue the reseller program to any abusive reseller. The reseller discounts are available for VPS services, not dedicated servers. Dedicated server requests from resellers should be sent to sales for customized discounts per server.

To qualify to be a Future Hosting reseller you:

  • Must have a verifiable website
  • Must have a verifiable company name & address
  • Must provide first level technical support to your clients
  • Must provide billing and accounting support to your clients
  • Must receive and resolve SPAM, DMCA & Abuse reports of your clients
  • Must add some valuable layer of service to the basic Future Hosting service offering
  • Must be a Future Hosting client with two or more servers at regular price
Tier Name Total Monthly Spend Discount
Tier 1 (Entry) $0-$499.99 10%
Tier 2 (Bronze) $500-$999.99 12%
Tier 3 (Silver) $1,000-$1,499.99 15%
Tier 4 (Gold) $2,000-$2,999.99 18%
Tier 5 (Diamond) $3,000-$4,999.99 21%
Tier 6 (Diamond Elite) $5,000 + 25%

Reseller discounts do not apply to Future Hosting weekly special or sales pricing. If you have specific questions about the reseller program, send an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required. To become a qualified Future Hosting Reseller, please e-mail email hidden; JavaScript is required.