Gamification In Cybersecurity – How Your Business Can Make Data Protection More Entertaining

Amidst all the news of advanced cyber attacks, vicious malware, and government-sponsored black hats, it’s easy to forget that the vast majority of data breaches come from the inside. I’m not just talking about malicious insiders, either. While disgruntled staffers with a chip on their shoulder are definitely still dangerous, the biggest risk comes not from malice but from simple ignorance.

Five Things Minecraft Can Teach You About Project Management

Five Things Minecraft Can Teach You About Project ManagementWhat does a game like Minecraft have to do with project management?

A lot more than you might think. Although on the surface it might look like little more than a digital re-imagining of Lego, it’s a game with a surprising amount of depth and scope. It’s a powerful platform for expressing one’s creativity, an environment where what you can build is limited only by your imagination (and how much spare time you’ve got on your hands).

Why Your Business Should Ditch Knowledge-Based Authentication

At first glance, knowledge-based authentication seems like a pretty good option. You’re protecting an account or service based on information about the user that they know which isn’t necessarily available to the general public. There’s a reason so many online services have their users set security questions when they first create their accounts.

Optimizing Your Dedicated Server’s Performance With Tuned

Your server is more complex than the most fiendishly intricate mechanical device ever devised. It depends on dozens of pieces of software and tens of millions of lines of code, not to mention the hardware, which is mind-bogglingly complicated. All of those pieces work together to serve your web pages and run your shopping carts. As you can imagine, there are hundreds of ways to tweak the way the parts interact, and many of those tweaks impact performance.

Four Web Development Technologies To Learn In 2019

The life of a web developer is one of constant learning, even for those who don’t think their career will die unless they embrace and promote a brand-new, next-big-thing JavaScript framework every three weeks. Technology in the web development space evolves as developers seek new ways to build products. The underlying programming environment, especially JavaScript, is upgraded more quickly that it once was, primarily because it wasn’t fit for purpose in the first place.

Staving Off Burnout As An IT Professional

It’s 3 AM, and you’ve just received an urgent notification on your smartphone. Something is wrong in the server room, and you’re the only one who can fix it. Bleary-eyed, you drag yourself out of bed, grab a coffee, and set to work figuring out what went wrong.

Machine Learning Will Change The Way Developers Work

Developers are problems solvers. Their tools are computers, programming languages, compilers, and text editors. But writing code is a means to end. A developer’s true calling is the invention of creative solutions. We tend to think of development as a machine- and logic-oriented profession, but it is the human trait of creative intelligence for which developers are most valued. In recent years, advances in artificial intelligence research have brought about an alternative means of problem-solving.