November 2018’s Best Open Source, Cybersecurity, and Web Development Content

We can never expect a dull moment this year. From the Microsoft buying GitHub to more data breaches, check out some good content in our round up! If you enjoy this collection of the web’s top articles, feel free to follow us over on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the same great content the rest of the year.

Open Source and Linux


Design & Development

The tool also aims at educating you on what steps you can take to improve your web site based on the audit.


Interesting Technology Posts

The Dark Side of Data Science – How Social Media Can Be Used To Manipulate Our Minds

I still remember what I was doing the moment I first heard about Facebook’s ties to the now-infamous Cambridge Analytica. I’d just sat down at my desk, ready to face the day with a cup of hot coffee in hand. As I often do before starting work, I checked the news alongside my emails – all the better to keep myself apprised of the goings-on in the tech industry.

Build A Private Cloud With A VPS And Open Source Software

SaaS platforms are convenient and inexpensive: that’s why they are so popular with small businesses. But entrusting a business’s data to a service managed by a third-party is not without drawbacks.

  • Privacy and security. Data is hosted on a platform that is not controlled by the business, which has no insight into the platform’s security or privacy.
  • Consistency. SaaS businesses are often bought and sunsetted. They frequently pivot in a direction that is not beneficial to users.
  • Portability. A business should be free to take its data where it pleases, but it is not in the interest of SaaS vendors to make that easy.

Tmux Is A Server Administration Essential

Tmux is a terminal multiplexer. That might not sound particularly interesting, but it is one of the most useful programs in the server administrator’s toolbox. A terminal multiplexer can split a terminal window into multiple windows, each of which runs a shell.