August 2017’s Best Open Source, Cybersecurity, and Web Development Content

August 2017’s Best Open Source, Cybersecurity, and Web Development Content The solar eclipse has come and gone and we’re all still here. So onto the August edition of our monthly roundup! Let’s take a quick sneak peek at the last thirty days of news. Highlights include a .fish website that was actually a phishing site, the split of Bitcoin, and the emergence of Whoppercoin. Interest piqued? Feel free to jump into the roundup and enjoy the rest of August’s best content. If you enjoy this collection of the web’s top articles, feel free to follow us over on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the same great content the rest of the year.

Open Source and Linux

Opposing Net Neutrality Threatens the Viability of Open Source Communities
In many ways, the future of net neutrality it the future of open source. In this post for, Nate Levesque explains why.

I Switched From Windows to Linux. Here are the Lessons I Learned Along the Way.
Are you a Windows lifer? Are you thinking about making the switch to Linux? In this post, Ofir Chakon offers up the lessons he’s learned after making the switch.

12 Reasons to Learn Apple’s Open-Source Swift Language
Are you an app developer? Jonny Evans of ComputerWorld says it’s time for you to learn Swift. Here’s why.

Figuring Out How to Contribute to Open Source
Do you have a specific change you want to make to a specific open source project. Julia Evans has some nice advice on how you should go about getting that done.

Malicious Code in the Node.js npm Registry Shakes Open Source Trust Model
Will a recent issue with malicious code shake the foundation of trust that open source communities are build on? Fahmida Y. Rashid takes a closer look for CSO.

Why I Haven’t Fixed Your Issue Yet
This nice post from Michael Bromley offers a nice honest look at the realities of being an open source developer or project maintainer.

Design & Development

Practicing Elixir – or Any – Programming Language
Using Elixir as a model, Eric Douglas walks coders through the process of learning a new coding language.

Making the Web More Accessible with AI
While artificial intelligence can do some fun stuff, like writing the last novel in the Game of Thrones series, it can also do some good stuff. Abhinav Suri explains how AI can help make the web more accessible.

Never Too Old to Code: Meet Japan’s 82-Year-Old App-Maker
Think the coding era has passed you by? It hasn’t. Here’s an amazing story of how one woman went from using an abacus to developing apps.

The Subscription App Paradox
With 80% of users abandoning apps within a year, is a subscription model realistic? Alan Marsden takes a closer look in this post for Hacker Noon.

A Basic Guide to Website Typography
This is a nice typography primer from the onextrapixel staff.


Best Practices for Passwords Updated After Original Author Regrets His Advice
Remember that advice you’ve always heard about passwords and special characters and a number. Well, it was all wrong.

The .fish Website that Caught Visitors in a Phishing Net
This headline pretty much speaks for itself.

Artificial Intelligence Cyber Attacks are Coming – but What Does that Mean?
Earlier we shared a post about how artificial intelligence can be used for good. Well, the bad guys are figuring out how to use it too.

The Internet Of Things’ Massive Security Problem, Visualized
At this point, pretty much everyone knows about the security issues surrounding the Internet of Things. These visualizations really put them in perspective.

How Your Phone Number Became the Only Username That Matters
Phone numbers as a username or verification point are more secure than passwords. But they do have some potential issues.

Interesting Technology Posts

Inside the Increasingly Complex Algorithms That Get Packages to Your Door
The complex system of figuring out how to deliver packages is only getting more complex. Here’s a look at the algorithms at the center of the entire operation.

Burger King’s Whoppercoin Is the Only Cryptocurrency That Matters
Move over Bitcoin, there’s a new cryptocurrency in town.

A Neural Network Wrote the Next ‘Game of Thrones’ Book Because George R.R. Martin Hasn’t
For all the Game of Thrones fans out there who can’t wait and just have to know how the story ends. This neural network took a stab at it.

Bitcoin Is Splitting in Two. Now What?
In this post, Tom Simonite takes a look at what the recent Bitcoin fork means for the future of the cryptocurrency.

Did you miss the solar eclipse in August? Here’s a really amazing view of the event.

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