Business Continuance Protection Could Save You A Bundle

Continuance Protection Business Continuance Protection helps companies avoid one of the little-considered consequences of a DDoS attack: a huge bandwidth bill.

Denial of service attacks are the bane of modern site owners and web service companies. It seems like every month we hear a story about the biggest ever DDoS attack disrupting some service or other. DDoS attacks are especially pernicious because they can be so difficult to mitigate. Most hacking attacks exploit vulnerabilities in software that can be fixed if they’re discovered. But denial of service attacks turn the fundamental technologies of the web into a weapon to be used against online businesses.

By directing enormous amounts of data at a network connection, it can become saturated, the server can be become overloaded, and a site can be knocked off the web altogether. Distributed denial of service attacks—the online criminal’s favorite weapon—are particularly difficult to filter because they can’t be easily blocked at the IP level. The risk of false positives, blocking legitimate requests, is high, which has the same impact as the attack itself.

When businesses come under DDoS attacks, the obvious result is that their web presence is degraded. Additionally, DDoS attacks are often used as a distraction for other types of attacks, so when a company becomes a target, the focus is on trying to combat the data deluge and make sure that other systems haven’t become a target for a more focused attack.

After the attack is resolved, there’s an aftershock that most companies could do without: a bill from their bandwidth provider or hosting company. That may not seem fair, but hosting companies buy bandwidth from network providers and they have to pay for the traffic that travels over that provider’s network regardless of its nature.

Hosting packages usually come with limited bandwidth allocations, and a DDoS attack can burn through it in no time at all. The hosting company and the network operators don’t want to be out of pocket, so the cost of any overages is passed on to the client. They are expected to pay for the attacks directed against them.

Business Continuance Protection helps companies prepare for the worst and avoid the shock of a bandwidth bill incurred by denial of service attack. BCP doesn’t prevent you from being the victim of a DDoS attack, but it will make life easier in the aftermath; you won’t be charged for any bandwidth overages that result from the attack, ensuring that you don’t get a nasty surprise at the worst possible moment.

Matthew Davis is a technical writer and Linux geek for Future Hosting.

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