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We’re Partnering With WHMCS To Bring Hosting Automation Services To Future Hosting

WHMCSOur hosting platform and extensive international infrastructure allows us to offer you some of the fastest and most reliable managed hosting available. That same infrastructure can also be leveraged by agencies, businesses, and other organizations to offer web hosting to their clients. Until now that hasn’t been as easy as it should, which is why we’re happy to announce that we have partnered with WHMCS to bring the best in web hosting automation to Future Hosting.

The WHMCS hosting automation service will be available on our virtual private server and dedicated server plans for an additional charge of $11.95 per month.

WHMCS is the industry leader in hosting automation. It significantly reduces the burden of providing web hosting services by automating numerous hosting workflows.

Can You Prevent New gTLD Cybersquatters Hurting Your Brand?

gTLDCybersquatting in the age of hundreds of generic top-level domains could be a huge problem, but is it really something that businesses have to worry about?

Cybersquatting has long been a headache for brands. Less-than-honest third parties have an interest in securing domain names that are similar to the trademarks of existing brands. It can allow them to misrepresent themselves as that brand, to harm that brand’s image, or attempt to force a company to pay a significant premium to secure a domain name that could be damaging in malicious hands.

Often the solution has simply been to register all the domain names that contain a trademark. That’s not ideal and it can be expensive, but the alternative has the potential to be worse — domains are usually “first come, first served” and having an infringing domain suspended or transferred can be expensive and time-consuming.

A Quick Introduction To Gulp: A Web Development Task Runner

Gulp Development Task RunnerGulp is a powerful web development task runner and build tool. We take a look at what Gulp can do and why you should be using it in your web dev workflows.

If you’ve been around as long as I have, you’ll remember when writing a web site involved a text editor, HTML, and possibly some CSS if you were feeling adventurous. Times have changed. Web development, even for simple sites often involves complex workflows with many different moving parts.

I’m a fan of static site generators and I love to play around with them. One of the reason I enjoy them is that they let me get much closer to the development process than I would be able to if I used a CMS like WordPress. But without a CMS there’s a lot of work to get the site’s source files, which may involve, SASS, templating languages, JavaScript, images, and numerous other technologies, into a state where I can push them up to the server. Files must be compressed and minified, images must be optimized, and so on.

Automattic Makes Brute Force Protection Service Free For Jetpack Users

Automattic for Jetpack Free brute force protection will be coming to WordPress. Automattic have acquired the BruteProtect service and are making it available within the Jetpack plugin.

Brute force attacks have become an increasingly serious problem for WordPress users, who will be pleased that some relief is on the way. Matt Mullenweg, founder of Automattic, the company behind, Gravatar, and Akismet, has announced that his company has acquired the BruteProtect service and plugin, which will be integrated into the Jetpack plugin. Jetpack brings many of the capabilities of to self-hosted WordPress. BruteProtect and its associated services, including previously premium services will now be free for self-hosted WordPress sites.

At the core of BruteProtect is a rate-limiting technology and a cloud service that enables users of WordPress to benefit from shared information about the source of brute force attacks.

New Future Hosting Affiliate System

Two systems are now one

Life is getting easier for Future Hosting affiliates. Currently, clients have to log in to, two separate systems; one to manage their billing and another to manage their affiliate account. Soon, we will be moving affiliates away from the current third party system, so they can use the Future Hosting Management Portal (FHMP) to manage everything in one place.

With the affiliate system in-house, Future Hosting can continue to customize the system to better suit affiliates. One such enhancement will be seen in this upcoming move. Affiliates will now be able to use their commissions to pay for pending invoices.

How to use the system

As soon as the system is live, you may have some questions about how to use it. Below you will find some basic instructions on how to navigate the new features in FHMP. This will benefit both existing clients, as well as affiliates, that do not currently have hosting services with Future Hosting.

Remember – you won’t see these options until the system goes live.

Future Hosting Announces New Chicago-Based Pure SSD VPS Hosting Plans

Southfield, MI, February 18, 2014 – Future Hosting, a specialized VPS hosting and dedicated server provider, has announced the availability of new Pure SSD Virtual Private Server hosting plans. Future Hosting’s Pure SSD VPS plans allow clients to take advantage of the tremendous performance increases that solid state technology provides, particularly for I/O dependent operations such as the frequent database transactions required by content management systems. Current VPS clients with servers hosted in Chicago can get in touch with the Future Hosting sales team to upgrade to the new Pure SSD VPS hosting plans.

Modern sites, web apps, and eCommerce stores make constant use of file and database access to provide the interactive, personalized experience that users expect. Slower, spinning disks can be the cause of performance bottlenecks that slow sites down. Poorly performing sites lead to lower conversions, higher bounce rates, and an inadequate user experience on traffic-heavy sites. SSDs, which are orders of magnitude faster at both reading and writing data, help to remove the performance limitations caused by legacy spinning disk technology.

Future Hosting Announces Double RAM Promotion On Dedicated Server Hosting

Novi, MI, January 13, 2014 – Future Hosting, a specialized VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting provider, is doubling the RAM on selected managed dedicated server hosting plans from 8GB to 16GB. New dedicated server clients will benefit from twice the RAM at the same low price of $134.95 per month.

The offer, which will remain valid throughout January, applies to dedicated servers from the Intel Xeon Quad Core range that include E3–1230v2 processors, twice the RAM of the standard plan at 16 GB, a 500GB hard drive, and 10,000 GB of included monthly bandwidth.

Future Hosting managed dedicated servers are the perfect choice for clients who have outgrown virtual private servers. The CentOS 6 servers come with the client’s choice of control panel, including cPanel, Plesk, and InterWorx. Migrating to dedicated server hosting at Future Hosting is simple, and the company provides no-hassle migration to Plesk and cPanel users choosing a dedicated server with the same control panel and adding the Future Engineer service during checkout. All dedicated servers include full root access, and the Future Hosting support staff will be happy to help new customers with software installation for third-party scripts.

Future Hosting Offers Free Incoming Data Transfer

NOVI, Mich. (August 4, 2009) – Future Hosting, an Internet solutions provider serving SMBs and enterprises internationally and developer of Future Engineer™, today announced it will no longer bill clients for incoming data transfer, enabling clients to stay within their overall data transfer allotments and not worry about overage charges.


The new policy affects all clients, including those hosted on Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers. Future Hosting is not increasing any fees to compensate for the significant reduction in data transfer billing.


“We’ve made a decision to be proactive, not reactive, in addressing the pressures in the marketplace. By offering free incoming data transfer, we are able to better serve clients with specific cost parameters and offer overall a more competitive pricing structure,” said Future Hosting Chief Strategy Officer Stephen Kowalski.

Currently, incoming data represents approximately 25 percent of all data transfer usage. By providing this transfer free of charge, clients will instantly have access to additional capacity and not have to worry about overage charges associated with incoming data transfer spikes. Clients should contact the support department to verify they are receiving free incoming transfer as part of their hosting plan.


Future Hosting is the developer of Future Engineer™, a technical support automation system designed to automate time consuming server configuration and repair tasks on Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Future Engineer™ allows clients to receive a greater level of technical support than is available when technicians spend their time performing routine or basic maintenance tasks. With Future Engineer™, technicians are free to spend their time offering a level of technical support that is unrivaled and otherwise unaffordable.

For more information about Future Hosting, please visit

About Future Hosting, LLC

Founded in 2001, Future Hosting is a privately held leading Internet solutions provider specializing in managed hosting, including both Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers. The company has built a strong reputation for its high-quality service, innovative pricing models, and 3-hour Service Level Agreement. Future Hosting is based in Novi, Mich.