Dedicated Server Discount: $50 Off The Monthly Price Of E5-2420 Dedicated Servers

edicated serverWe’re offering a $50 per month reduction in the price of one of our most popular dedicated server plans. The E5-2420 dedicated server will be available to new clients for just $100 a month from November 29th using coupon code HEXCORE50.

Only 300 servers are available as part of the promotion, and we expect them to sell like hotcakes.

Unlike many hosting promotions, we’re not just offering $50 off the first month of the plan. The promotional pricing applies for the life of the server, which means potential savings of well over $1000 for the average lifespan of a dedicated server.

The E5-2420 is one of our most popular and powerful bare metal server plans. Each server is equipped with a dual core Intel Xeon E5-2420 processor, 24GB of RAM, two 1TB SATA drives, and 30TB of bandwidth.

That’s more than enough to support numerous virtual machines or containers and the most demanding high-traffic websites and eCommerce stores.

As with all of our hosting plans, new clients who take advantage of this offer benefit from access to Future Hosting’s renowned management and support services. Client can opt for either Future Engineer Standard, a reactive support option that includes assistance with MySQL, Apache, and other services installed on delivery of the server; or Future Engineer Pro, a proactive management solution that includes round-the-clock monitoring and resolution of any service or hardware issues.

A dedicated server sits at the top of the web hosting pyramid. The only thing more powerful than a dedicated server is a bigger dedicated server. By moving up to bare metal, you get the fastest IO, full access to the physical server’s resources, and no contention issues.

The New Year is on the horizon — a time for reflection. How did your hosting hold-up over the last year? Did it perform as well as you’d hoped? Has your eCommerce store or web site grown beyond the capabilities of its existing hosting? If so, now’s the perfect time to think about making the move to a more capable hosting platform.

All promotional servers are based in our Detroit, MI facility, and the promotional pricing is only available to new clients, please use coupon code HEXCORE50 to receive the discounted pricing.

Matthew Davis is a technical writer and Linux geek for Future Hosting.

Dedicated Server Special

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