Five Reasons Your Organization Needs A VPS

Why You Need A VPSGiven the number of hosting options available, it’s no surprise that some organizations have a bit of difficulty choosing the one that’s right for them. How can one tell which choice is best-suited for their needs? How can one avoid an incorrect choice, and a costly mistake?

It’s all about knowing what your business’s needs are. If you’re a small to mid-sized business with a fairly well-trafficked website, there’s a good chance that shared hosting isn’t for you – and an equally good chance that you aren’t quite large enough to justify a dedicated server hosting plan.  Unless you’re running a series of incredibly resource-intensive web apps, it’s quite likely that a virtual private server is the perfect choice.

Here are five reasons why:

It Provides Secure Access On-The-Go

A virtual private server is far more secure than shared hosting because it provides a complete server environment to each client. No other client has access to any resources or files within that environment . It also allows a webmaster or administrator to easily access their server resources from just about anywhere. Small businesses – and any organization that employs highly-mobile staff – can benefit a great deal from accessibility.

Scaling Is Incredibly Simple

If you want to increase the amount of resources available to your server, all you need to do is authorize the cost of the upgrade. At that point, it’s simply a matter of waiting for your host to provision the extra power. There’s no need to fuss around with hardware installation, nor do you need to undergo a long, painful data transfer. It’s literally as simple as calling in.

It’s Cost-Effective

Virtual private servers are more or less the middle ground in the web hosting game. Although they cost a bit more than shared hosting, they’re significantly less expensive than dedicated servers, and actually quite affordable for any organization on a budget. Coupled with how easily and effectively virtual private servers tend to scale, this actually makes a VPS one of the most cost-effective hosting choices.

You’ve Got Full Control Over Your Installation (Mostly)

The primary difference between virtual private servers and dedicated servers (aside from cost) is that with a dedicated server, you’ve got full control over your hardware (and potentially a bit more processing power, as a result). Otherwise, you’ve nearly as much freedom, regardless of which option you choose – you can install your own software, customize your control panel, and generally tweak everything on the software-side of the server as you see fit.

It Fits Into A Wide Array Of Different Use Cases

Believe it or not, VPS hosting actually meets more needs than just about any other hosting alternative. It’s great for file storage, well-suited for FTP servers, great for hosting emails, and ideal for blogs, community pages, and news sites. Basically, a VPS can do just about anything its alternatives can.

Matthew Davis is a technical writer and Linux geek for Future Hosting.

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