Laravel Spark Gives You A Head-Start For SaaS App Development

Laravel SparkOne of the most off-putting aspects of building a software-as-a-service platform is the yak shaving. If you’re not familiar with the concept, yak shaving is a term coined by developer Carlin Vieri. To shave yaks is to spend time on tasks that are seemingly pointless but that contribute to a greater goal. Let’s say you have a great idea for an application and you think you’re a good enough coder to build it. You build a modest prototype, and it works great — time to start marketing and attracting users! Unfortunately, it’s actually time to start shaving yaks. Before you let users anywhere near your application, you need a way to charge them and to manage their accounts. That means developing a payment system and an authentication system — neither of which are trivial tasks.

At least, they’re not trivial if you do it from scratch. Fortunately, Laravel Spark — not to be confused with Apache Spark — exists to make life easier in this regard. Spark — a premium product from the creators of the Laravel PHP framework — makes it much easier to build essential but painful-to-develop parts of a software-as-a-service application.


Building a secure authentication system from scratch is not a trivial problem, and it’s one that many less experienced PHP developers struggle with. Spark includes a comprehensive authentication framework that can be integrated into your software-as-a-service application with a minimum of fuss. The authentication system includes most of the features you’d expect, including registration, authentication, and password reset done the right way.

Even better, if you want to offer users two-factor authentication (and why wouldn’t you?) Spark makes it a breeze to integrate.


A secure payment system linked to users’ accounts is even more difficult to right if you haven’t a lot of experience. And even if you have it’s a time consuming component to develop. Spark provides a comprehensive payment system with subscription and one-off billing, team billing, and invoicing so users can download a PDF copy of their invoice.

Other niceties include out-of-the-box API authentication, easy upgrades, user announcements, and the use of Vue.js for Spark’s client-side JavaScript framework, although you can use the JavaScript framework of your choice.

Spark integrates excellently with the Laravel PHP framework, a next-generation framework for building PHP web applications, which make the one-two punch of Laravel and Spark the perfect platform to build your startup’s PHP-based web application.

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Matthew Davis is a technical writer and Linux geek for Future Hosting.

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