March’s Mid-month Roundup of the Best Open Source, Linux, and Web Hosting Content

roundupIf you’ve been following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, you’ll know that we like to use those channels to share the most interesting content that we come across each day. Realizing that it can be hard for to find the quality stories in all the noise and clutter, we decided to to collect the best articles we’ve read each month and create this roundup for our readers. Since this is our first edition, we’ve included the best so far from March as well a few from February. We hope you find these posts valuable and informative. Enjoy!

Open Source and Linux

Raspberry Pi: Giant Hacks for a Tiny Board

Usually there are two ways to look forward to buy a Raspberry Pi: first, think about a strange thing to make, and then go to the website; or second, buy the Raspberry Pi board having no idea of what you are going to do with it.

Getting Involved in Open Source Projects

The open source movement has been responsible for many great innovations over the past few decades. Linux, the Apache Web Server, and Rails are just a few examples of open source projects that have elevated the web industry to new heights.

Schooled by Linux — 1,700 Students Get Ubuntu Laptops

Linux is everywhere; from mobile phones to web servers. Even Chromebooks run Linux. Ironically, Chrome OS is a poor platform for actually learning about the open-source kernel.

Why There Will Never Be Another RedHat: The Economics Of Open Source

Open source software powers the world’s technology. In the past decade, there has been an inexorable adoption of open source in most aspects of computing. Without open source, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and nearly every other modern technology company would not exist.

Raising Linux to Grow Open Source

The biggest driving factor for software developers to work together with open source is cost. It is much cheaper for them to cooperate through open source than it is to remain isolated with proprietary software, asserted Inktank VP of Product Management Neil Levine.

Seven Ways to Set Up Multi-Booting with Windows 8 and Linux

A good bit of the feedback on my most recent post about installing Fedora on my new laptop was along the lines of “instead of telling us what doesn’t work, please give us some information about what options we have which do work.”

How to Avoid Breaking Ubuntu

Unless you’ve been granted magical powers, odds are you’ve broken your operating system installation at one point in your life. And despite Ubuntu’s stability, it’s entirely possible to break a fresh installation.

What the Linux Foundation’s edX MOOC Means for the Channel

A few days ago, the Linux Foundation announced a partnership with edX to offer the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for training Linux and open source engineers.

Three Events that Moved Linux Forward

Friday evening can be a very busy time in Citibank’s Changi Business Park office in Singapore.

3 Easy Linux Alternatives for Windows XP Refugees Who Don’t Want a New PC

Windows XP’s refugees have two choices on April 8, when Microsoft stops supporting the decade-old operating system (for consumers, anyway).

Windows XP User? Here’s 4 Reasons to Switch to Lubuntu This April

Support for Windows XP officially ends on April 8, 2014. After this date Microsoft will no longer issues security updates, patch exploits or provide any other means of official, direct support to its users.

2014 is the Year of the Linux Desktop

Linux has unexpectedly made it to the desktop through mobile and cloud, but the unintended consequences are troubling.

Web Hosting

The Web at 25: A Look at Hosting Through the Years

This week the internet turned a quarter-century old. In these 25 years, it has gone from a fringe interest to something largely inseparable from our everyday life.

Will Microsoft Beat Apache Server in a Few Months?

Apache web servers which dominated the market for over 17 years are on a constant decline. In the month of February over 7 million websites moved away from Apache.

Q&A: Common (But Deadly) MySQL Development Mistakes

On Wednesday I gave a presentation on “How to Avoid Common (but Deadly) MySQL Development Mistakes” for Percona MySQL Webinars. If you missed it, you can still register to view the recording and my slides.

Interesting News

6 Things You Should Know About ‘Anti-Google’ Search Engine DuckDuckGo

You’ve probably never heard of DuckDuckGo. And, no, it’s not a game kids play. We’d say it’s just a small alternative search engine with a silly name, but it’s more than that. Once you know what it is, you might not go back to Google. Or Bing. Or Yahoo.

Bitcoin Needs Better Oversight, But No One Agrees On The Details

The implosion of Mt. Gox, the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange, has many cryptocurrency believers and government entities alike agreeing on one thing: The Bitcoin economy needs some kind of regulation to prevent fraud and rebuild trust with users.

And that’s it for this opening edition. Feel free to share any stories that we may have missed in the comment section. This month we’ll leave you the Linux Foundation’s play on the Facebook “look back” videos.

Image: Flickr/thefixer

Matthew Davis is a technical writer and Linux geek for Future Hosting.

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