Which Web Hosting Is Best For Small Businesses?

Which Web Hosting Is Best For Small BusinessesAll web hosting is an allotment of resources on an internet-connected server. What differs is how that allotment is carved out from the server’s resources and the software that does the carving. Both impact the capabilities and features of a web hosting account. It is awkward to move between types of web hosting once a site is established, so it pays to understand their benefits and limitations.

How To Protect Your Business Against Social Engineering Attacks

Today, I’ll be starting things off with an analogy. I’d like you to picture two castles The first belongs to an incredibly rich duke who has spared no expense on his keep’s physical security – nigh-impenetrable walls, a wealth of traps to trip up attackers, and reinforced gates. Having spent so much on making his keep secure, he figures he needn’t bother with his guards.

  • Thursday, January 10, 2019
  • Design

Avoiding The Three Cardinal Sins of Web Design

Your website is something of a digital first impression – the first interaction many prospective customers will have with your business. What that means is that if it’s poorly-designed it’s going to drive away people who might otherwise become loyal to your brand. Unfortunately, there are a lot of ways you can go wrong.

  • Wednesday, January 09, 2019
  • Linux

Six Steps To A Secure CentOS Server

CentOS is among the most secure Linux distributions, at least among distributions that are useful on a server. It is a stable, reliable, and secure platform. But every server distribution requires some input from the administrator to ensure that it is as secure as possible.

Data Center Basics: What Is BGP?

The internet is vast and complex, and so we use simplifying metaphors to describe it. They cut the internet down to a size that fits in our heads. The internet is a place we visit. It’s a web. It’s a cloud. It used to be an information superhighway. The true nature of the internet is in its name: the internet. The internet is an interconnected network, a network of networks. As it moves from point to point across the internet, information may traverse many networks.