Three Alternatives To Disqus For WordPress Comments

Disqus Comment AlternativesFor many blogs, comments are an essential part of the experience. While some bloggers dislike comments, particularly moderating out inappropriate or spammy contributions, the vast majority welcome the opportunity to interact with their readers. And readers appreciate the opportunity to make their thoughts known. It’s far easier to build a community around a blog if writers and readers have a direct and convenient line of communication.

However, commenting is not ideal, especially in the age of social media. Conversations end up spread across many different platforms, from Facebook to Tumblr, among dozens of others. While there is no real solution to the problem of comment fragmentation, there are commenting systems that at least attempt to tidy things up a little.

The most popular WordPress comment system — aside from the less than inspiring built-in functionality — is Disqus. It’s popular for a reason, offering an easy to integrate hosted comment platform that suits most needs. But Disqus is far from being the only solution. I’d like to take a quick look at three alternatives, each of which attempts to solve at some of the problems inherent in commenting.


Muut bills itself as a system that re-imagines both commenting and forums, which, after all, have quite a lot in common, but I’ll be concentrating on the commenting features here. Muut integrates well with WordPress via a plugin, and provides a clean and elegant commenting UI with both flat and nested options that update in real-time – no need for refreshes. It works with Akismet for automatic spam rejections and includes user spam reporting. Designed to be responsive, Muut looks great on devices of all sizes.

Comments Evolved

Comments Evolved takes a swing at the problem of fragmented conversations by providing a tabbed interface that brings together the commenting system of several platforms. Comments Evolved started life as a Google+ comments plugin, and it’s still the best way to bring Google’s comment platform to WordPress, but it now does much more. In addition to Google+, Comments Evolved also supports Facebook, Disqus, WordPress Comments, and Trackbacks. It’s not the unified solution we’re all hoping for, but it’s certainly heading in the right direction.

Jetpack Comments has one of the best comments platforms around, and Jetpack brings it to self-hosted WordPress sites. Jetpack Comments provides unified logins using social media accounts, supporting Google accounts, Twitter, Facebook, and It’s a great way to let readers comment without forcing them to create yet another account.

None of these Disqus alternatives solves all of the problems of commenting on a web full of competing venues, but each includes features that make it well worthy of consideration if you’re looking to replace Disqus.

Matthew Davis is a technical writer and Linux geek for Future Hosting.

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  • Hey there!

    Paul from Muut—main force behind the WordPress plugin. Stoked to hear you enjoyed integrating with WordPress using it! We actually released the version 3.0 of the plugin last week and I’m really glad that you had a positive experience with it.

    If anyone else is interested in trying it out, definitely hit up the plugin at and feel free to ask any questions or get help on our new forum channel dedicated to the plugin at!/wordpress.

    Cheers, all!

    • Thanks for the additional information, Paul! I appreciate you taking the time to share some more details about your plugin. I look forward to seeing how Muut evolves. Thanks again!

      • My pleasure! Very appreciative too of you for mentioning us in this post. Can’t wait for more people to start seeing how great it is with WordPress, and having people like you write about it really makes a difference. 🙂

    • Does Mutt synchronize comments with WordPress like the Disqus plugin?

  • Thanks for the additional information, Paul! I appreciate you taking the time to share some more details about your plugin. I look forward to seeing how Muut evolves. Thanks again!

  • I am surprised that you didn’t give Livefyre a mention. When I quit Disqus, I used Jetpack comments for a long while, but recently switched to Livefyre. The reason I switched was to get better social network integration and keep the fast page load speed. I haven’t tried Muut, but it looks like it is pretty cool. If I get frustrated with Livefyre, I’ll give Muut a look.

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences with Livefyre. It’s definitely another really nice alternative to Disqus and easily could have been included in this post. If you ever try Muut, let us know how it goes.

  • i love disqus…. 🙂

  • erscampbell

    We’re throwing our hat in the ring with a new native WordPress commenting plugin (Epoch) that is realtime, cache friendly, and improves site performance. It’s free, too. Check it out at

    Here are some of the benefits of using Epoch:

    1. Both loading comments and submitting comments are incredibly fast. Way faster than Disqus. Faster than any comment system we’ve seen.
    2. For the first time someone can say this: running native WordPress commenting will actually increase your site performance.
    3. It is fully CDN and cache compatible.
    4. Commenting is realtime and updated without page refresh, all the while being incredibly gentle on the server.
    5. Epoch offers three ways to integrate with your theme.
    a. The first tries to continue using your existing comment template but giving you the performance gains.
    b. The second overrides your comment template but inherits typography and colors from your theme.
    c. The third totally replaces your comment template ala’ Disqus or Jetpack Comments.
    6. Since it uses native commenting it is completely private. No farming of user data. No profiling. Your data stays on your server.
    7. It’s compatible with dozens of other commenting plugins to add things like social login, toolbars, attachments, subscriptions…
    8. Epoch and Postmatic are integrated to play well together. For example when leaving a comment in Epoch, Postmatic can pop up an optin modal prompting the commenter to subscribe to new post notifications with just one more click.

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  • Tom

    Thank you very much for this great article. it would be complete if you add the best native Disqus alternative WordPress plugin as well. I’m talking about wpDiscuz comments plugin . This extends WordPress native comment system and makes it beautifully))

  • Thanks for the info @disqus_lyCAol59YQ:disqus I tried the ones above but still ended up with Disqus on my site I had updated my old blog post about this I found that if I don’t have my WP_Comments table synced I would get really worried about being locked into the other product.

  • Kaj Magnus Lindberg

    Nowadays year 2018 there’s also Talkyard comments: Similar to Disqus but both open source, and hosted serverless. No ads, no tracking. (I’m developing it)