Three Bugs and Issues Your Devs Might Not Be Testing For

BugsPeople make mistakes. Even developers aren’t infallible. With that in mind, there’s a good chance yours may have missed a few things in the testing phase for your latest app.

Let me stop you before you try to say that isn’t possible. See, not every software bug is going to be obvious, and not every issue is going to be caught by a few bug-tests. There are things you can miss – and the first step in not doing that is being aware of that.

Leaky Pipes

The prevailing idea is that there is a marked difference between network security and application security. This is, however, inaccurate, and you’d do well to shed yourself of the notion. With mobile work sharply on the upturn, the lines between the two are becoming more blurred with each passing day.

“The idea that time and resources should be invested in either network security or application security is misguided as both are equally as important to securing the enterprise,” writes Kacy Zurkus of CSO. “While application security has been around for a while, IT professionals remain entrenched in the traditions that are at the root of network security. The result has often been a budgetary either-or decision when it comes to investing in security tools. The reality is that the network has no boundaries.”

Usability Roadblocks

Sure, your tests might pick up on security glitches and app-breaking issues…but are you testing for convenience? Are you examining how usable your application is? Because here’s the thing – it doesn’t really matter how well-made your app is; it doesn’t matter if there’s not a single glitch in your code if it’s a nightmare to use.

In addition to bug and security testing, it’s therefore also important that you test for usability.

Non-Reproducible Bugs

The unfortunate truth is that you’re never going to catch every bug in the testing phase. Applications – especially modern SaaS apps – are incredibly complex beasts. Certain bugs will only surface within a very narrow set of criteria. You need to be vigilant, and always be ready to release a patch whenever a new issue surfaces.

Closing Thoughts

Not every bug or issue is going to be obvious. Making yourself aware of some of the more obscure ones is the first step in addressing them. Keep in mind the issues we’ve listed here, and your apps will be that much better-equipped.

Matthew Davis is a technical writer and Linux geek for Future Hosting.

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