Twitter’s New Engage App Is A Useful Tool For Building Influence

EngageTwitter is far from the largest social media network, but it gets a lot attention relative to the size of its user-base because of who those users are. The vast majority of online content writers, journalists, trend-setters, and social media influencers are Twitter users. Twitter presents an opportunity for brands to increase their engagement with influencers, and hopefully increase awareness of the brand.

Engage is a new app from Twitter that helps do just that. It’s being touted as an app for celebrities, but unlike Facebook Mentions, Engage is available to everyone (with an iPhone for the moment), and it includes useful tools that small and medium business social media teams and others that rely on online exposure can leverage.

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There are any number of alternative third-party Twitter analytics tools that include much of the same functionality, but Engage benefits from being a first-party tool with access to data that Twitter doesn’t share via its API.

In a nutshell, Engage is an analytics application with a focus on user engagement, offering metrics that Twitter hopes will help influencers and high-profile Twitter users to better manage their interactions than is possible from the standard timeline. It’s worth mentioning that Engage isn’t an alternative to the standard Twitter application — it doesn’t have a timeline, and is intended to be used alongside your usual Twitter client.

Engage provides a tabbed interface. The first tab shows information about interactions, including lists of new followers, mentions, and interactions with verified accounts. This tab allows Twitter users to prioritize their interactions, and it’s especially useful for business Twitter accounts that want to make contact with new or prominent followers.

The Understand tab is a metrics dashboard that displays information like retweets, likes, mentions, video views, and tweet impressions. It’s a good interface to get an at-a-glance overview of which content is generating the most engagement.

Of particular interest to content and social media marketers is the “What Your Fans Are Tweeting About” section, which Twitter describes as a tool to:

“Get to know your audience with [a] real-time list of what your network is saying and sharing. This is particularly beneficial for content creation in the moment, so you can connect with your audience on their most-talked-about topics.”

In the past, the only way to get a view of what your audience is talking about is to trawl through the Twitter timeline. The Engage app removes much of the noise and clutter, which is useful for Twitter users who want to capture the zeitgeist.

Twitter Engage won’t revolutionize how you interact with Twitter followers, but it does include a useful suite of tools that help to highlight how well your content is doing and make it easier for you to share relevant content when it matters.

Matthew Davis is a technical writer and Linux geek for Future Hosting.

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