Web Hosting Affiliate Programs Can Improve Your Site’s Revenue

6848823919_724f516a05_bWeb hosting affiliate programs are a method of revenue generation that allows webmasters to easily generate income from their site.

Even successful sites have trouble generating revenue. Advertising is the most popular monetization strategy, but unless a site generates a large amount of traffic, advertising revenues can be pitiful.

Subscription is an option and it’s proven successful for some solo bloggers, Shawn Blanc and Andrew Sullivan are good examples. If a site has a committed community, is home to a popular writer, or provides information of considerable value to a niche audience, then subscription may be a better option than advertising, but it isn’t a model that will work for the majority of sites.

Affiliate partnerships are probably the easiest way for a site to make money and are available to any site owner, regardless of size.

The idea is simple. You make money by encouraging visitors to buy a product or service. The most famous example of affiliate marketing and the one that most bloggers will already be familiar with is from Amazon. Amazon’s affiliate marketing is the bulwark of many review sites and other product-focused sites.

Amazon provides a customized link and when visitors follow it a percentage of the value of the sale will be credited to the site owner. Affiliate marketing has accrued something of a shady reputation because of the sharp practices of many affiliate marketers, but it’s not affiliate marketing that’s dubious, it’s used by the vast majority of popular and respectable bloggers and publishing site.

There’s one source of affiliate revenue that many site owners fail to advantage of: their web hosting companies. That’s a shame because web hosting companies tend to be particularly generous, sometimes offering hundreds of dollars per new sale.

Web hosting companies know that their best advocates are happy clients. Clients with successful sites are the perfect showcase for the strengths of a hosting platform and public endorsement can funnel a lot of sales back to the hosting company.

Becoming a web hosting affiliate is straightforward. At the simplest, you’ll need to register as an affiliate with your web hosting company, which will give you access to a dedicated affiliate dashboard where you can monitor sales and credit.

You’ll also be given a link that has your affiliate ID included in it. When linking to the hosting company from your site, use the special link so that the sale will be attributed to your account.

If you prominently indicate the hosting that your site uses, perhaps in an about page, footer, or even an article, anyone who clicks through and buys services from the company will make you money.

Matthew Davis is a technical writer and Linux geek for Future Hosting.

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