Green Initiative

Since 2001, Future Hosting has recognized the need operate responsibly and with sensitivity to the Earth. By minimizing our impact on the environment, we not only fulfill our moral obligation of safeguarding our planet, but we also reduce costs and operate more efficiently. In essence, going green is good business.

How We’re Meeting our Commitment

We work to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint in a variety of ways. We hope some of our energy-saving strategies will give you ideas for making your business more earth friendly.

Saving Electricity in the office

In our corporate offices, we use virtualized computers. Instead of using a variety of computers to support our need for different platforms, we use single computers designed to run multiple operating systems. This eliminates the cost of powering extra computer towers and monitors. We also rely heavily on remote desktop software so we can further eliminate the total number of computers in our office.

Whenever possible, our staff works on laptops as opposed to desktops. Laptops are more energy efficient and help us reduce energy consumption. When using a desktop computer is a necessity, we use LCD monitors to reduce energy consumption.

Cutting emissions en route

In general, our company relies on public transportation. We encourage meeting locations that are accessible via bus or train lines, and our staff largely commutes to the office in carpools or public transportation.

We’re proud to say our staff members are proud owners of several hybrid cars, which get significantly better gas mileage than traditional vehicles. Most importantly, due the nature of our business, the majority of our staff telecommute instead of coming into the office each morning.

In The Datacenter

Servers we order use low voltage processors to save RAM and reduce consumption. All of our internal corporate servers have been virtualized, reducing the overall number of physical servers we need to complete the same tasks.

Cutting Waste

We use as little paper as possible – we send out billing notices electronically, and all incoming faxes are automatically converted to emails. We rarely print anything.

On the Horizon

We are always exploring new ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Here are a few things we are looking into:

  • Finding further ways to conserve electricity consumption in our datacenter
  • Utilizing carbon offsets to neutralize our overall effect on the planet
  • Further reducing the number of servers we need through virtualization