Dedicated Services

Future Hosting offers a wide variety of standard services and optional services for dedicated server customers. Please let us know if you need further assistance or other services with your server solution and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

The following are various hardware and software upgrades available on dedicated servers.


Future Engineer™ 2.0 is our managed services option. Future Hosting offers management with Future Engineer on any VPS with a control panel (i.e. cPanel or InterWorx.) With our managed services you have the ability to contact support 24/7 and we will offer assistance with anything installed on the server upon delivery. That includes PHP, MySQL, Apache, e-mail servers, etc. Without a managed services package, support is available 24/7 for network and hardware issues only.

Management Price
Future Engineer Management $35.00/mo
Ksplice Uptrack – Reboot-less Kernel Updates (Standard OS) $3.95/mo
Ksplice Uptrack – Reboot-less Kernel Updates (Virtuozzo) $8.95/mo

Control Panels

Future Hosting has partnered with Parallels, cPanel and Interworx to provide easy to use control panels for servers. These control panels make it easy and convenient for you to manage your server including things such as creating domains, reseller accounts, e-mail accounts, ftp accounts, MySQL databases and many more functions.

Control Panels Price
cPanel $25.00/mo
Interworx $15.00/mo

SATA II Hard Disk Drives

SATA II drives include a 3.0Gb/s interface and 7,200RPMs. These drives are best used for web, e-mail and high-capacity low cost storage needs.

SATA II Hard Disk Drives Price
250GB – SATA II $15.00/mo
500GB – SATA II $20.00/mo
750GB – SATA II $25.00/mo
1TB – SATA II $30.00/mo

SA-SCSI Hard Drives

SA-SCSI (SAS) hard drives offer ultra high-performance and reliability. These drives are best suited for game, database and mission-critical servers. These hard drives are all 15,000RPM drives. All SAS drives require a raid controller card to support the SAS interface.

SAS Hard Drives Price
73GB 15K RPM SA-SCSI $30.00/mo
147GB 15K RPM SA-SCSI $50.00/mo
300GB 15K RPM SA-SCSI $75.00/mo
600GB 15K RPM SA-SCSI $100.00/mo

Raid Cards

Hardware RAID controllers provide the ability to create redundant disk arrays. These will provide protection against possible drive failures and in some cases can provide improved performance.

Hardware RAID Cards Price
Adaptec 2405 Raid Card with 128MB Cache $35.00/mo
LSI 9260-4i Raid Card with 512MB cache and battery backup $75.00/mo

RAM Upgrades

Server-grade RAM provides additional performance.

RAM Price
1GB RAM Upgrade Kit (per GB) $10.00/mo