Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia Datacenter

200 Bourke Road
Alexandria, Sydney
NSW 2015

Facility Details:

  • Facility Details: 3,792 m² (40,813 ft²)


  • Two-story construction from pre-cast reinforced concrete
  • Robust cooling with N+20% redundancy with Indirect Evaporative Cooling Air Handling Units (IDEC)
  • N+1 UPS redundancy and 10,000 liters of fuel on-site
  • Raised floors 12.5kN/m² floor-load capacity
  • AC/DC power conduits
  • Green power supply with granular temperature monitoring and optimized lighting controls
  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA), smoke and heat detectors, and double-interlocked pre-action dry-pipe sprinklers
  • Bandwidth provided by 150+ carriers through a redundant dark fibre ring network


  • Perimeter fence and gated entry with 24-hour security staff, camera surveillance, and motion detection
  • Data center floor requires passing through five security checkpoints that include manned security stations, mantraps, and biometric two-factor authentication