Frequently Asked Questions

What location will my server be in?

Future Hosting offers dedicated servers out of multiple locations: Australia, Chicago, London, Los Angeles and Miami. You can select your choice of location on the last page of the order form.

Is cPanel or InterWorx included or do I have to pay additional for the license?

Any managed VPS package which has cPanel or InterWorx listed in the name includes the control panel license. With our Dedicated packages, the cost of the cp license is extra.

How do you backup my data?

Future Hosting offers an innovative backup system we call Future Protect powered by R1soft/Idera. Good practice is to always setup additional backup services such as our Future Protect service.

How many IPs are included?

One IP is included with each server by default.

Can I order more IPs?

Yes, an additional IP is available for $2.00/mo/IP with justification.

Do I get root access?

Yes, you do.

What Operating Systems are available?

Currently we offer Debian, CentOS, Fedora and Ubuntu in their latest versions and in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors.

Do you secure the server?

Yes, for servers with a control panel an automated security setup is performed during provisioning.

What is SSD Energized?

SSD Energized nodes use SSD caching to improve disk IO performance for VPSs. Pure SSD nodes use 100% SSD storage arrays.

Why is a Hybrid VPS better than your regular VPS offerings?

Hybrid VPSs include significantly more CPU per VPS. This allows you to operate at a higher performance level and is considered a stepping stone between a regular VPS and a dedicated server.

Do you use Virtuozzo or OpenVZ?

We use the commercial software, Virtuozzo from Parallels and we are a Parallels Platinum Partner.

What locations do you offer the CDN in?

Future Hosting’s CDN is powered by Edgecast with 30+ POPs in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Note some locations (i.e. Asia) have a premium fee associated with them.

What CDN does Future Hosting utilize?

Future Hosting has partnered with Edgecast, a leading provider of CDN services.

Will I have access to the Edgecast control panel?

Yes, you will be able to login to the Edgecast control panel.

Do you offer POP and Origin Pull with the CDN?

Yes, both are available.