Ksplice Uptrack

Future Hosting offers Ksplice Uptrack to keep your kernel updated at all times without the inconvenience of rebooting your server.

  • Go reboot-less without rebooting even once to setup. Ksplice
    Uptrack works on the regular Linux kernel you are already running.
  • Instantly reverse any update to the Linux
    kernel–rebootlessly as always.
  • Update running systems without any negative impact on performance.
    Also, Ksplice Uptrack does not require a persistently running
  • Linux distributions require a reboot about once a month to stay
    up to date with important kernel security updates. Ksplice Uptrack
    allows you to apply the same updates published by your Linux
    vendor, without rebooting.

Costs of Ksplice Uptrack

At present time, Ksplice Uptrack is included with standard Virtuozzo VPS and Hybrid VPS clients. Clients with dedicated servers or dedicated Virtuozzo nodes with more than 1 VPS can optionally add Ksplice Uptrack to their server to maintain reboot-less kernel updates. Client dedicated servers with Virtuozzo is $8.95/mo. Client dedicated servers without Virtuozzo (i.e. cPanel, InterWorx, or servers without a control panel) are $3.95/mo.

Why Choose Ksplice Uptrack as Opposed to manual reboots?

Ksplice Uptrack offers reboot-less kernel updates. This allows your server to be updated at all times without rebooting your server. Ultimately reboots cause downtime and need to be scheduled. Even though reboots can be scheduled, any downtime for scheduled maintenance is inconvenient. By using Ksplice Uptrack your dedicated server can have the latest security updates applied without any need to cause inconvenient downtime.

How Can I Get Ksplice Uptrack?

Standard Virtuozzo VPS and Hybrid VPS customers already have Ksplice Uptrack. Dedicated server customers with Virtuozzo and more than 1 VPS can receive Uptrack for $8.95/mo. Unmanaged dedicated server customers with cPanel, InterWorx, or a non-control panel server can receive Uptrack for $3.95/mo