Network Services

Future Hosting deploys Cisco and Juniper routers throughout each datacenter. Future Hosting provides several network upgrade services for customers including pre-paid bandwidth at a discounted price and port upgrades. These services are for dedicated servers. VPS clients have separate network services available.

Port Speed

All servers includes a 1mbps, 10mbps or 100mbps network port. Servers with more than 3.3TB bandwidth include a 100mbps port free of charge. For servers with high bandwidth utilization we offer speeds up to 1gbps.

Port Speed Regular Price
10Mbps (U.S. and Europe) $0.00/mo
100Mbps (U.S. and Europe) $10.00/mo
1000Mbps – contact sales Starting at $20.00/mo



Future Hosting offers multiple bandwidth options which are available to each server. This allows you to select bandwidth which best suits your needs

Bandwidth Options Regular Price
Pre-purchased Additional Bandwidth (U.S. and Europe) $0.10/GB/mo
Pre-purchased Additional Bandwidth (Australia) $1.00/GB/mo
Bandwidth Overage (U.S. and Europe) $0.15/GB
Bandwidth Overage (Australia) $1.50/GB
Business Continuance Protection (U.S. and Europe) $3.95/mo


IP Addresses

Future Hosting offers the ability to purchase additional IP addresses on a monthly basis with justification.

IP addresses Regular Price
One additional IP Address $2.00/mo


Please contact us to add any of these services to your account.