VPS Services

Standard Virtual Private Server Services

Future Hosting offers a wide variety of standard services for virtual private server customers free of charge. Please let us know if you need further assistance or other services with your virtual private server solution and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Standard VPS Services Price
Future Hosting Management Portal (FHMP) For VPS Management/ Billing $0.00/mo
Operating System Reloads via Parallels PowerPanel $0.00/mo
100Mbps Ports $0.00/mo
Redundant Authoritative DNS Servers $0.00/mo
Global VPS Offering $0.00/mo
Additional System RAM (256MB) $7.50/mo
Additional System RAM (512MB) $12.50/mo
Additional System RAM (1024MB) $18.50/mo
Additional disk space (10GB) $10.00/mo


Network Services

Future Hosting provides several network upgrade services for all virtual private server customers including pre-paid bandwidth at a discounted price and port upgrades. Additional IP addresses are also available form your customer portal along with automated routing and provisioning.

Network Services Price
100Mbps Ports $0.00/mo
Pre-purchased Additional Bandwidth (U.S. and Europe) $0.10/GB/mo
Pre-purchased Additional Bandwidth (Australia) $1.00/GB/mo
Bandwidth Overage (U.S. and Europe) $0.15/GB
Bandwidth Overage (U.S. and Europe) $1.50/GB
Business Continuance Protection (U.S. and Europe) $3.95/mo
One additional IP (justification required) $2.00/mo


Software Services

By entering into strategic relationships with Parallels, InterWorx, cPanel, RVGlobalSoft (RVSkins), and Ksplice Future Hosting offers month-to-month rentals on software services.

Software Services Price
CentOS $0.00/mo
Debian $0.00/mo
Fedora $0.00/mo
Ubuntu $0.00/mo
32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems $0.00/mo
Fantastico / RVSkins (total price) $4.00/mo
cPanel / WHM – Included with cPanel Plans $0.00/mo


Backup Services

For secure, reliable and fast backup capabilities we offer onsite FTP backup accounts.

Backup Services Price
Backup Accounts (20GB) $10.00/mo


Security Services

The Internet is like the Wild Wild West today. On a daily basis servers are being attacked and compromised at an extremely high expense to the server owner. When a server falls under a Denial of Service attack, the server is likely to exceed its included bandwidth limitation. At a cost of $0.50/gb of excess data transfer, even a small attack can leave you with a large overage fee.

In order to alleviate the worry of excessive costs from an incoming Denial of Service attack, Future Hosting has implemented Business Continuance Protection to assist in reducing the headaches of bandwidth overage fees as a result of a DDOS attack. BCP does not mitigate DDOS attacks but is designed to cut out the added expense of bandwidth fees.

BCP is available on all VPS accounts for $3.95/month. When purchased in advance, this protection will alleviate you of any bandwidth overage fees that result in an incoming DOS attack.

Security Services Price
Extended Security Setup – Free for all managed or unmanaged cPanel or InterWorx $0.00/mo
Business Continuance Protection $3.95/mo